3 Mind-blowing Health Practices to do with Kids

When was the last time you took your kids to the gym?

How often do you go for morning jogs together?

What’s your meal plan like? do you eat healthily?

These are daunting questions, but if followed to the latter, makes you a one healthy family. But the million-dollar question is this, do these make you a better mom?

There are many ways to become a better mother. You’ve probably read parenting books, blogs, and asked advice from other mothers on how to become the heroine of your home.

Today we’ve got something new under our sleeves. They are odd, yes, but very useful, and it involves playing around with your kid’s health. Let’s check them out.

· Cooking with Your Kids

Coaxing your kids to eat veggies doesn't help. It makes you look like their enemy. Cooking time should be a fun time for both of you. And the best way to do this is to involve them in the process. Before you know it, you’ll have raised an adventurous eater.

To make it more fun, cook their best meals, which are healthy, of course. Since most kids are hesitant eaters, don’t let them rely on taste only. There are many ways they can explore the foods to find out which one they resonate with.

The meals should cook fast. Don't look for foods that take ages before they are presented in the dinner table. Kids lose concentration in a jiffy. According to this study, it takes only 6 minutes before your co-chef runs to the TV upon hearing her favorite cartoon lyrics. The rule of the game is to use creativity as a bait to make them stick in the kitchen.

The practice does not only help you to bond with kids but also gives him/her the freedom to cook and eat what they love under your watch. Plus, research has it that cooking with kids improves their reading skills and math prowess.

· Becoming a Role Model

Imagine this. You are sitting with your little girl and a random question comes to your mind. You ask your girl who is her role model. You’re sure she’ll say it’s you, so you relax as she’s scratching her head.

Her face lights up signifying that she’s got an answer. On your side, you’re glad that she’s remembered it’s you. Then comes the bombshell. With her sweet little voice, she says it’s Rihanna. You are left dumbfounded and bit disappointed.

Look, we are no longer in the ages when every kid wanted to be like their mother. Today, kids want to be like the celebrities they watch on TV. Surprisingly, these role models have severe obesity problems, and they might be passing their lifestyle to your kids without your knowledge.

It's an opportunity to rise to the occasion and show off the pride of motherhood. And the trick is simple, show them how to eat healthily. Not by mouth but eating broccoli every day and “loving” it.

When you are going to the gym, take them along and let them watch you do aerobics. You can also enroll them in your Yoga classes. You are slowly developing a culture of living healthy lives in the minds, and when they become young adults, they’ll continue with the culture.

· Take them Over to Shopping

This is the common scene when you go shopping. You always have a shopping list by your side (if you a serious economist). You carefully pick foodstuff without minding the number of calories.

And If you happen to go with your kids, you allow them to choose their favorite snacks. Kids will be kids; they will only take sweets and junk food, a recipe for an impending disaster.

Next time do this. Before you get out of the house, start with a plan. Let your kid make a list of some of the healthy foods he/she knows. Suggest a few and let him/her decide if they like them.

Once you reach the stores, let her check the new and healthy foods they can try. You are giving her the room to make healthy choices.


Your kid’s health depends on you. You are the one to help her make the right choices when choosing the food, she loves. Sometimes, a gentle smile and a nod are okay, but other times, a stern warning and definite no is the way to go.

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